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As you look at what I’ve done here, you’ll discover that I write a lot about horses and the importance of protecting them against the abuses of men and women who are supposed to be caring for them. That abuse is an ongoing tragedy doesn’t matter at all to some who see horses as “just animals” and wonder what all the fuss is when they happen across an article about a group like The Humane Society, working tirelessly about the mistreatment of all animals.  

The tragedy of horse abuse was brought home to me years ago when I started to ride and I was instructed by the newest owner to climb a fence so I could mount my horse from above. Pulling on his saddle always reminded him that he had once belonged to a man who had never bothered to put a blanket on his back, with the result that the horse had suffered a huge, painful ulcer from the abrasive saddle. As I continued riding, owning, and breeding horses, I learned more about thoughtless and often cruel treatment of horses and their suffering. That mistreatment takes many forms. Horses are left to die in an obscure pasture or damp stall. They’re often trained brutally and senselessly. They’re sometimes drugged to go faster on the track. They’ve  deliberately been killed when they grow too old.

Along the way I learned to honor these animals for their long history of living on earth and living with human beings. It is thought that their ancestors can be traced back more than fifty million years. And when people finally gained some ascendancy over the world, horses became their servants, helping them explore, civilize and domesticate the wild earth.

Finally, I am always moved by the power and beauty and sensitivity of horses when I see them, feeling as the poet James Wright did when he encountered two gentle, welcoming Indian ponies in a darkened pasture: ”Suddenly I realize that if I stepped out of my body I would break into blossom.” 

The writing at this site and my novels have horse protection as a theme. The reading audience I always think of when I’m writing is made up of those who love horses and care about their treatment, but all those too who might want to help in doing something about horses’ suffering, if only it is a call to law enforcement about the horses the reader saw in a neighbor’s pasture that were half-starved or afflicted with some kind of disease.

My writing is little enough to do for these noble animals that have suffered for centuries at our hands.