My Horses


My Arabian horse, Prince, on the left. Unfortunately he spooked at something invisible on a fence and threw me. That resulted in a broken shoulder for me and a return to his owner for Prince. The owner was glad to get him back for he had bred him and missed him greatly. I regretted having to sell him back.

Another view, this time of the size of his face. Beautiful!

My horse, Ozark and her foal, Mountie. Ozark was a Quarter Horse, an old gal who had good papers and had given birth to champs. I bred her with Expensive Coffee and together they produced the beautiful little foal you see here. I had to sell them both after the facility they were at closed unexpectedly.

The rolling hills outside Lynchburg, Virginia where Ozark and Mountie lived. Since it was so hilly at the farm, the horses who lived there were very strong from running up and down the hills.

This is Mountie at 1 week old. Funny face, eh?

Mountie at two years old. Look how he turned out!


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