The Winners: Mullins and Lanzan

When I watch horse races like the Triple Crown, I marvel at the beauty and swiftness of the horses and the expertise of the jockeys who ride them. I always wonder how the riders keep their perfect, immovable posture on top of those madly galloping, plunging horses, and how a 115 pound jockey gets a 1200 pound animal to do his or her bidding? Horse racing, with all its issues, is still fascinating today because we get a chance to see the most accomplished athletes in both the human and horse worlds engaging in a contest of skill that is dangerous and thrilling and beautiful in its execution. But racehorses must be protected from possible injury by their handlers. And that’s why I was so glad to see “I Want Revenge” scratched from the Kentucky Derby because trainer Jeff Mullins and owner David Lanzan found a hot spot on the horse’s ankle. This is responsible racing. Read more at

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