The Mustangs of Las Colinas

I’m fond of sculpted horses, and have looked for them all my life as I travel, whether here in the United States or in Europe. Visiting Texas a few years back, I saw what is advertised as the world’s largest equestrian sculpture. In the Las Colinas section of Irving Texas, there is an elegant, modern complex of copper-roofed, granite office buildings. They border, on three sides, a plaza of pink granite. Across the plaza runs a stream of water.

As you approach the plaza, you are startled and then delighted to see a group of nine bronze mustangs–a young stallion, five mares, two colts, and an older stallion who is clearly in control of his band. The mustangs are stunning, one and a half times life size. They are all in motion, and are approaching the stream, in the stream, or on their way out of the stream. The water is powered by an ingenious pumping system that produces realistic splashing around the hooves of the horses “running through” the water. The horses were modeled by the eminent sculptor Robert Glen. Glen’s keen visual acuity enabled him to see–and model accordingly–how the mustangs must have looked in motion. Most important, I believe, Glen caught the mustangs’ essence: they are joyous, exuberant, powerful, and free.
If you can, go to Irving and see the Mustangs of Las Colinas You’ll never forget them.
And read more about how this magnificent project was completed at

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