Art Thieves Don’t Look Like Brosnan or McQueen

I learned the pleasures of visiting art museums at an early age in Buffalo, where regular visits to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery was common for children. One of the best art experiences I ever had years later was in London, where the prestigious museum I kept going back to (I believe it was the Victoria and Albert) served breakfast in its restaurant. After a scrumptious pastry or two, I would prowl the huge museum at my leisure and see things I had only read about.

Coupled with my love for art museums is my love of heist movies. I’ve seen many, but one I really enjoyed was the charming movie “The Thomas Crown Affair,” a remake of the old Steve McQueen movie but this time starring Pierce Brosnan. Now I’ve started reading about real thefts, stories in which the thieves are scruffy, weasly, cruel and greedy. I’d like to recommend to my readers “The Gardner Heist” by Ulrich Boser. I’ve never visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, the scene of the largest unsolved art theft in history. The author tells the story of his quest to solve the mystery, a search that took him all over the world. And he is still searching, by the way. See his blog The Open Case at

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