Drugging Race Horses: Life Imitates Art

Here’s a story of life imitating fiction, in this case, my new novel coming out next spring, He Trots the Air. A group of men was accused this year of animal cruelty, that is, drugging horses, and illegal horse racing in San Joaquin County, California. My point in the novel is that drugging a horse is indeed animal cruelty and the perpetrators should be punished, but that this crime can have terrible physical consequences for the animal, even death.

The men in Californina doped the horses with methamphetamine and cocaine. Can you imagine the effect of these drugs on the horses? We should all thank California’s Bureau of Gambling Control. Undercover investigators wearing hidden cameras and audio recorders infiltrated the illegal races which were held in private ranches in Stockton, Lodi, Escalon and Ceres. It took them over three years, but I’m happy to say that the nine men were finally apprehended and will be punished.

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