Ted Williams and Ken Salazar on the Wild Horse Problem

                     Photo courtesy of Colin E. Braley, http://www.wildwest-media.com/
In this blog entry and several more this week, my overwhelming motivation is to plead with all well-meaning, intelligent horse people to face the facts about the dilemma of the wild horses and work on their behalf without resorting to the same partisan bickering that paralyzes all progress on serious problems. We’re all exhausted by reading about  our elected politicians who cannot seem to resolve the economic morass we are in, or the locked-in-battle people who seek to control the governments of other countries and accomplish nothing. This same sterile tendency to fight unproductively is seen in the factions that have grown up the problem of what to do with our wild horses. I’ve read the arguments of those who believe the horses should live free, and oppose all efforts to control their numbers and their habitat. Sometimes these arguments are inappropriately emotional and poorly thought-out. I’ve also read the more reasoned arguments such as those of Ted Williams and Ken Salazar, the first an environmentalist, the second the Secretary of the Interior. Both men have a passionate interest in the horses, and both have written intelligently about the situation. To come: I’ll write about Secretary Salazar’s reasonable, rational recommendations, and Ted Williams’ suggestions which rose out his visit to the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek Herd management area that contains the horses.

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