"Heintz is Dead:" My New Mystery Story

Every once in a while, writers take a break from writing what they usually do.Same with me. To my delight, my mystery story entitled “Heintz is Dead” has been published. It takes place in Buffalo, New York, my home town, and was really fun to write. Everyone from Buffalo will recognize Buffalo-ish touches. I hope you will all enjoy meeting Sal Rizzo and get caught up in his problem.

Just go to http://www.mystericale.com/index.php?issue=current_issue&body=toc.

Mysterical-e is a delightful, fun-to-read online journal featuring mystery stories of different kinds. It says, “We are dedicated to publishing mystery stories of all types and stories of the mysterious including speculative fiction, fantasy, etc.”  The web site resembles the old pulp magazines in which many American writers were featured.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories at the site—including mine.

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