Humane Society Releases Video of a Horse Being Sored

Look at this video if you dare.

Thank you to The Humane Society and its brave undercover person who photographed the poor horse being sored. While we can describe in words how a horse suffers from soring, to see it first hand as in the following video is so poignant that many viewers will weep.

What can be done? First, boycott the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration and let people know you’re doing it and explain why. Maybe if the money dries up for this event, the non-sorers will do something to get rid of the vicious people who shame the Celebration by somehow entering sored horses. An organization that fights soring is FOSH as does The Humane Society. Join both. If you know anyone in state or national politics, look into that. Is there anything that can be done there?

Ordinal article in The Tennessean:

Look at this video if you dare, and then act!

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