Prevent All Soring Act of 2013 Needs Your Support

This act, also known as HR 1518, was introduced by bipartisan sponsors to make the Horse Protection Act of 1970 stronger. The bill is endorsed by powerful pro-horse groups of horse advocates and veterinary associations. It is only realistic to say that the HPA is largely a failure and toothless besides. As the Humane Association says, “unscrupulous trainers spend their efforts devising a gruesome array of  techniques to make it painful for these gentle creatures to take even a step, so they will lift their front legs extremely high in the unnatural gait known as ‘the Big Lick,’ rewarded by judges at some of this industry’s horse competitions.” Whether this bill will ever pass seems doubtful. But it needs your support. Please call your representatives and urge that they support the bill. For more on this, please see releases/2013/04/PAST-Act-2013-041213.html#.UxNzc2eYbmE.




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