Cross of Gold is Here

 three inches wide

Dear Friends and Readers,

I’m delighted to tell you that Connie Holt is at it again. This time her case is about a lost walking horse that has been brutally treated and is found wandering in a pasture. She vows to discover the truth behind this state and federal crime and bring the criminals to justice. But there are complications. She’s been working with a new hire at the McCutcheon Equine Insurance Agency, a young man with crippling PTSD. And a high school student enters the scene with important information but with him comes the issue of child abuse.

Here’s an excerpt from the Prologue depicting the veteran in the throes of his illness, which starts the whole adventure of Cross of Gold Road going:

He woke in the dark, jerked abruptly from the familiar dream he’d been having. The bed—sheets, pillows, blanket—was soaked with sweat. When he tried to sit up, he found himself entangled in the twisted sheets, trapping him as if they were the arms of the faceless enemy. As always, he remembered parts of the dream: he was back In Afghanistan, on patrol, so afraid of IEDs that he looked at almost every inch of the ground he would have to step on for fear of what might be buried underneath the surface. He was speaking quietly to his buddy Mack, lips hardly moving, hissing “Woman coming, watch out.” An enemy wearing the all-concealing burqa could be a man or woman. The dream always stopped at this point, when the enemy detonated the explosive, blowing up himself or herself, along with Mack and him.

You can get my novel at Amazon where it’s available in paperback or Kindle formats. But if you would like an autographed copy, write me a note at Contact Me Above and I’ll write you back letting you know how to get it.

I’d like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and interest in the Connie Holt series.

The best to everyone!

Marilyn Fisher

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