Clay Harlin’s Truth about Soring

All too often, the subject of soring is met with stonewalling by others, for various reasons. They’re ashamed of the practice; they justify it by the idea of “It’s always been done;” they deny it’s being done; they clamp their jaws shut and change the subject. Pastor Harlin comes from a famous local horse family. He gave an electrifying speech at the Sound Horse Conference in Brentwood, Tennessee this year. It was straight from the heart. Here is a man who dares to tell the truth about what happened to him when he realized the full import of what he and others had done to gentle Walking Horses and acted on his conviction that soring must stop. He dared to speak publically about it and suffered the consequences. If you would like to read what he said, here it is. It isn’t in a “smooth” form because it contains notes and ideas, but it is intensely moving.

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