What Readers Think of Cross of Gold Road

Cross of Gold Road has now been out for a while and readers’ responses are coming in. I’m very happy that my readers took the time to write their reactions to the story and to Connie Holt’s latest adventure. Those who have been supportive through three books gave me especially valuable feedback. I had been worried for instance about Tony’s redemption and whether readers would believe that it is genuine. Some responders thought he is two-faced and he only wants to take advantage of Connie’s loneliness to have an affair with her. They blasted Tony in their notes. Others stoutly maintain that they like him and he should be forgiven. Another concern of mine was that readers wouldn’t understand what soring is and would think I was exaggerating this terrible practice just to write a book. To give them credit, many readers said they had never heard of it and expressed their outrage. This worry arose out of my experience in trying to talk to people one-to-one at book sales and finding out that although a few have heard vaguely about “something is done to horses” they don’t really understand it and think it is probably a form of esoteric horse training. If you click on My Connie Holt Novels above, and then on Cross of Gold Road, you will able to read some of the responses.

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