Cat Turns Paws Down on New Steel Fountain Drinking Bowl

DCF 1.0


My cat was recently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Autumn’s a middle-aged gentleman, thus prone to the problem. Since he is the apple of my eye (I know this is a lazy metaphor), I thought that a new bowl would be just the thing to get him to drink more. It has a quiet motor that keeps the water circulating, ample space in the big stainless steel bowl for him to lap from, and a fresh, cool source of water continuously.

What was I thinking? This is a cat mind I’m dealing with. As you might guess, he isn’t responding to this logical choice of a new water bowl. There has been nothing but a dipping-in and shaking of his paws and then a fast trip upstairs to take a nap since yesterday morning. Why did I, who prides herself on being a rational thinker (HAH!) think this would work for him? My next plan, totally irrational, is to try a treat (he’s a sucker for treats) after he tries licking, but, well it’s obvious, he won’t even lick.

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