Their Proud Hoofs, He Trots the Air, and Cross of Gold Road

Several years ago, I was ensconced in my upstairs office tapping out my third volume in the Connie Holt Mystery Series. It was to be called Cross of Gold Road. This was my third book with my traditional publisher, and I was comfortable with the company and they were pleased with me. I had decided that I had nothing to worry about but getting my gripping story across to the reader. But suddenly I was notified that the company was shutting down. Now I had no company to publish my new book. And readers had been asking for an uncomfortably long time, “When is the next Holt book coming?” This was a particularly crucial book in my series, for I had finally made up my mind to make soring the horse issue in the book. If there was any trouble with writing the book, it was with the horrible description I felt necessary for the story. But it was important to show people soring is not manipulating a horse’s foot, something I just read recently when a newspaper writer didn’t really know what soring is and so described it this way. It was thus important for my book to show what soring is as well as entertain the reader with a good, tight novel with lots of suspense. I was jarred when the publisher confessed that it really didn’t have hope of opening for business again, and I could let them keep the rights to my three novels, in which case they would die a natural death in the publisher’s defunct files, or I could buy the rights and start over again on my own to publish them. The thought of abandoning these novels, two could not be published and a third would be, what can you say, stillborn, was quite sickening. Eventually I found a company that would publish the new third and reprint the first two. Thus all three would be available online for interested readers. If you look above, you’ll see the three books listed in sequential order. I gave my first book a new name (Their Proud Hoofs) and started working with designer Toni Leland to come up with beautiful new covers evocative of the stories inside.

Number one: Their Proud Hoofs (formerly The Case of the Three Dead Horses)

Number two: He Trots the Air

Number three: Cross of Gold Road

All three novels are now available on Amazon and I’m pleased to say that readers can now read all three in order.

Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about the books that might occur to you.


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