In Praise of Friends of Sound Horses

Walking Horse Losing His Balance

An announcement came through the other day about Friends of Sound Horses and its new partnership with the North American Western Dressage group. Their plans are exciting and you can look at to see what will be offered to gaited riders and their horses as a result of this union. However, I want to remind readers while I’m on the subject that FOSH has an honored, courageous history for opposing soring, and there is a special place in the web site devoted to this crime. You can use the site for gaining accurate information if you’re going to be giving a talk or writing about soring. I am particularly interested in using the HPA Suspension Listing, showing who has been suspended for soring. I’ve known for a long time of course that no one wants to share that information, so the bravery of FOSH in making that information freely available to those of us who are fighting soring is indicative of their willingness to do anything necessary to defeat soring.

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