Update on Anti-Soring Campaign from Clant Seay

Mr. Seay’s bold and vigorous campaign has resulted in many people signing petitions to stop soring. It’s exactly what other campaigns have lacked, that is, involving as many people as possible and giving them access to vote on the burning issues that make up soring.

Note: Thank you Mr. Seay for allowing me to quote directly from the web site.

“On April 24 – 25, 2015, one of the CRUELEST Horse Shows – the “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse is coming to the Maury County Park at Columbia, Tennessee.

The barbaric Show failed in Panama City, Florida due to lack of support. It has now moved to Columbia, Tennessee where it will be called the “Gulf Coast Charity Celebration”, although it is over 400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

“Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horses are “SORED” to perform the “Big Lick” – a high stepping gait with large hoof build-ups, severe bitting and overweight hunched over riders on Two Year Old Horses.

“Soring” is the illegal and cruel practice of using chemical and mechanical methods to create pain in a gaited show horse’s front feet to exaggerate their animated step.

Columbia, Tennessee is a progressive beautiful city of 35,000 people about an hour South of Nashville.  Columbia’s reputation should not be marred by “Animal Cruelty” being displayed at the Maury County Park in the name of family entertainment.

The Southern States of Mississippi, North Carolina and Alabama have recently risen up against the “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horse “Animal Cruelty”.

  • March 6, 2015MISSISSIPPI – The UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) Children’s Hospital severed ties with the Mississippi Charity Horse Show in Jackson, Mississippi. It refused to accept “blood money” donations from the “Big Lick” horse show due to the national controversy regarding the care and training of “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horses
  • March 13, 2015NORTH CAROLINA – The North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner banned “Big Lick” Tennessee Walking Horses from the 2015 NC State Fair.
  • APRIL 2, 2015ALABAMA – Over 70% voted landslide “NO” in The Decatur Daily newspaper online Poll Question: “Should Celebration Arena Have Hosted The Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers Show Given Its Previous Horse Soring Violations?”

America and the World are ready to HELP innocent Columbia, Tennessee say “NO MORE ANIMAL CRUELTY = NO MORE “SORE BIG LICK” Tennessee Walking Horse Show.”


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