Greek Cookies for Me in the Mail: Kourabiedes

Greece marj kourabiedes

Today in the midst of trying to birth another novel which seems not to want to be born, I thought I’d check the mail. There was a package from my oldest and dearest friend who is constantly trying to cope with long-suffered illnesses. Nevertheless, she thought of me. Looking at the package my tongue watered automatically, and I hurried inside to open the box. And immediately, swallowed two of the contents: luscious Kourabiedes. Instantly I felt better about the novel. My friend’s parents came over here from Greece to make a new life and M., my friend, has always followed Greek customs even though she was born here. Usually she sends me these Christmas cookies just before the holiday, but for some reason, she changed her mind this year. They are buttery shortbread cooks containing among other ingredients, brandy, butter, almonds and confectioner sugar. Thanks, M! If you want to make these, go to the site A Cookie for Every Country, to whom I am thankful for the picture above.

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