George H.W. Bush: High on my List of Finest Americans in Public Service

george h.w. bush

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This morning as is my habit, I ran my eye over what “news” is available to the public before I turned to my own work. A lot of stuff assailing my eye and brain was just simply fill, put in there because, well, because those in charge of the web site had nothing else to put in. There were the usual stories on actresses appearing topless or nude. Proper acting jobs must be getting scarce for the poor dears; they have to draw attention to themselves somehow, think their agents. What else? The usual “bad boy” of sports who has beaten someone to a pulp. Depressing pictures of “old pols” trying to get elected again by promising what he or she will do for Americans and hoping that Americans who don’t think before they give up their precious vote will get the pols back into office with its perks and its opportunities to shine in the naïve and ill-informed public eye. And of course, gaudy news of so-called celebrities. Amid all this dreck is an article about George H.W. Bush, who is on my list of finest Americans who have ever served the American public. This list starts with another George, Washington, that is.  I compare my list of fine Americans we were lucky to have in the Oval Office with other presidents and it’s not surprising that my list is very short, because I insist that our presidents should be men or women who have been prepared through prior service in important jobs to be the president; that they have staying power and don’t fold up in helpless whining saying, Well, we don’t have a policy yet; that they are determined to do the right thing not only for our country but also for the world causes the US insists on helping through aiding foreign countries; that they are well-educated, not in the back rooms of political manipulation but in colleges or universities; that they demonstrate their knowledge of how this country works and yes, how other countries work; that they really do know what they are talking about and are not trying to hide their appalling naiveté.  But in addition to all of this, I insist that our president should be a decent and honorable man or woman, willing to be brave and steadfast in his or her decisions and explain satisfactorily to Americans why the decisions being made are good for our country as well as other countries. His or her reputation should not rest on the lying and self-aggrandizement and posturing the poorer civil servants practice or the vile breath of scandal which still wafts over those politicians who have used the office for their own venery or some other form of self-aggrandizement.

Such a man is George H.W. Bush. When I read this morning that he has broken a bone in his neck and he is again in the hospital, I feared we would lose him. But he survived and will leave the hospital in a neck brace. Look at this short summary of his experience which led to his roles as vice president to Ronald Reagan and later 41st president, and compare it with people who are now trying to get your vote as presidential candidates.

  • Naval aviator in WW II, shot down over the Pacific.
  • Former US ambassador to China.
  • CIA director.
  • Displayed the same courage and readiness to do what is right and proper as Ronald Reagan for whom he was vice president. See the Gulf War in Kuwait.
  • Displayed modesty about his achievements and was, and is, not ashamed to say that he loves our country.
  • Won countless honors including an aircraft carrier named after him, in active service,  the USS George HW Bush.

In his personal life, he still persists in, at 91, the determination to achieve in the face of various illnesses. He will not give up. And in your estimation of this man, please add his wife Barbara, whom I’ve seen in the news countless times for her achievements as a first lady, mother, and wife. I still wish that he had been elected to a second term. With this fine man at the helm, American history would have been so different.


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