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The posts in this blog will be about, of course, horses. I’ll publish good news I discover about ways people are helping horses survive, and at the same time, the bad news about horse abuse.  I’ll talk about controversies in the racing world. I’ll include  health issues about horses too. Anything I find out about the noble equestrian creature that I think my readers will be interested in, I’ll include. I ‘ll range over a lot of related issues too, such as the problems  imbedded in marketing my novels, or a visit I made somewhere special in the course of my travels as I sell my books, or even reminiscences about horses I’ve known in the past.

My life as a writer will come in, once in a while, too, because I believe that my readers would like to have a different picture of me than the popular image of a writer: someone with thick glasses huddled over a keyboard struggling with what to say, a bottle conveniently at hand.  In short, I reserve the right to introduce myself here in a different light.

You never know what you’ll find in this blog, so bookmark it. And of course, all my readers are welcome to write to me about anything I’ve said in my posts. I would like to mention you responders in posts and what you’ve said, but will never give any information by which evil hackers can identify you.

And now, read on!

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