The Story of War Horse: A Book, A Film, and Finally a Huge Puppet

A member of my family who has ridden horses and loves all things horses gave me a DVD entitled Making War Horse which I watched right away. But I had never read the famous children’s book of the same title. Things at home … Continue reading

New Connie Holt Book: Cross of Gold Road

Last fall I was just finishing the third Connie Holt novel when my publisher informed me  it was closing its doors. Writers come to depend on their publishers and cut adrift, often flounder. But I had put too much work into novel … Continue reading

Wild Horses: Ted Williams Takes on the Issue

Photo courtesy of Colin E. Braley, In Audubon magazine of January to February 2011, Ted Williams, a longtime conservationist, takes on the explosive issue of the wild horses, In his article “Saddle Sores,” he describes his trip to see … Continue reading

Wild Horses: Ken Salazar’s Plea for Action

Photo courtesy of Colin E. Braley, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, announced in 2009 that wild horses were out of control. In replying to many animal advocates who claimed that rounding up the horses was unnecessary and cruel, … Continue reading

Ted Williams and Ken Salazar on the Wild Horse Problem

                     Photo courtesy of Colin E. Braley, this blog entry and several more this week, my overwhelming motivation is to plead with all well-meaning, intelligent horse people to face the facts about the dilemma of the wild horses and work on their behalf … Continue reading