New Connie Holt Book: Cross of Gold Road

Last fall I was just finishing the third Connie Holt novel when my publisher informed me  it was closing its doors. Writers come to depend on their publishers and cut adrift, often flounder. But I had put too much work into novel … Continue reading

Ending Soring: A Little Closer to Victory

There have been several victories this year in the fight against soring. Remember The Tennessean’s relentless coverage of the problem; the Humane Society’s videotape that made the airwaves and its famous billboard close to the Celebration grounds promising rewards for tips … Continue reading

Soring: Humane Society Hits a Couple of Homers

In an effort to bring soring into the light, the HSUS has stepped up its fight to stop this brutal practice. By “into the light,” I mean informing people that this awful practice really happens, and they should talk about it and … Continue reading