The Story of War Horse: A Book, A Film, and Finally a Huge Puppet

A member of my family who has ridden horses and loves all things horses gave me a DVD entitled Making War Horse which I watched right away. But I had never read the famous children’s book of the same title. Things at home … Continue reading

Review of the filmed version of the play Frankenstein

Thank you, Fathom Events, for making it possible to see the National Theatre  International broadcast of the play Frankenstein. The play starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, who alternated the roles of The Monster and The Scientist every other night. There are excellent reasons for … Continue reading

New: The Lisa Jackson Killer Nashville Scholarship Fund

Bestselling author Lisa Jackson has always admired Killer Nashville’s great aim: to be an advocate for writers. Now she’s doing something substantial to help those writers who would like to go to KN but can’t because they are too pressed financially. If you’re interested in trying … Continue reading